Your OBASHI Journey

We offer a broad range of training packages to organisations and individuals, no matter where you are in your OBASHI journey.

Whether you are preparing for the APMG OBASHI Foundation Accreditation, looking for an OBASHI Software training course, or are just looking to learn more about OBASHI, we provide a tailored solution for you.

Our Accredited Methodology

Our Accredited Methodology

Our Accredited Methodology

Our tried and tested Methodology has been successfully adopted by different organisations in a wide range of industries.

APMG International accredited the OBASHI Methodology in 2011 with a recognised exam for Business & IT Professionals

Start your OBASHI journey today with the OBASHI Methodology.

Training Courses

Introduction to Dataflow

The Introduction to Dataflow by OBASHI workshop offers industry expert insight to dataflow and its importance in an ever-changing digital world.

Our introduction is a high-level overview covering:

  • What is dataflow and its global importance?
  • The impact of dataflow on our personal and professional lives
  • The benefits of understanding dataflows

The OBASHI Methodology and Software will not be covered in detail on this workshop.

OBASHI Methodology - Key Concepts

The Key Concepts workshop offers a high-level overview of the OBASHI Methodology, its key concepts and terminology. Decision-makers and colleagues who require a basic understanding of OBASHI should attend.

Our Key Concepts is a high-level overview covering:

  • Key Concepts of the OBASHI Methodology
  • The benefits and use of the OBASHI Methodology
  • OBASHI Diagram Interpretation
  • OBASHI Dataflow Mapping

OBASHI Methodology and Software Training

A detailed workshop designed for learners who will lead and run OBASHI projects. The workshop can be customised to fit the needs of the learner and their organisation.

Our OBASHI Methodology and Software Training covers:

  • OBASHI Methodology - Concepts, Principles and Laws
  • Modelling Techniques and Standards
  • OBASHI Software Training - Quick start and hints and tips

Achieving OBASHI Accreditation

Our Professional Accreditation Preparation supports learners in their APMG OBASHI Foundation exam preparation.

Learners that pass the exam will gain a professional accreditation in OBASHI from APMG International.

We tailor each training to suit your specific needs.

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Spreading the Word of Dataflow

We are passionate about dataflow education. Alongside our training for business professionals, we work with national education institutions to share our knowledge and make the OBASHI Methodology available to as many people as possible.

OBASHI for Schools

OBASHI for Schools

We give talks and engage with schools to highlight how dataflow plays a part in every pupil’s daily life.

OBASHI for Higher Education

OBASHI for Higher Education

We work with national education institutions and individual colleges and universities to embed dataflow qualifications into the curriculum.